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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

About the Author

Hi I am Bonzenti Panganiban, an amateur Photographer, travel photographer, a traveler and blogger and sometimes I am a writer (but not a good writer). I love doing landscape photography, like falls and seascape. I like wedding and portrait photography too in my free time, like weekends. I also do event photography like sports and festivals.

Some of my photos were posted in my other blog, the Con Tour Blog a travel blog site. I also post my photos in FLICKR, AND MY FACEBOOK PAGE.

Some of my photos were already published in some websites like RAPPLER, together with my wife's photo. This site was jointly installed with my wife's interest in Photography, her passion and mine too.

Angle and Click is a joint venture with my wife Jeanette. 

To contact me, you may email me with this addy : (gmail), or call me with this number, 0929-509-4199 and 0933-434-0819.

Photo Credits : Rod Yu Llacer.

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